Small Groups

As Elevate continues to grow wider, we are determined to grow deeper. We believe that people are created to belong in community together. These groups accomplish that goal by providing deeper study into Scripture while also growing in deeper connections with each other. Below, you will find a list of our current small groups as well as their location and meeting times. Please consider joining one that is in your area today! Please contact Greg Noble ( ) to join a group or if you have any questions.


Location - Elevate Christian Church
Leader - Todd Hindmon, Dave Rouse
Time - 5:30pm
This group is "Kid Friendly"
Location - The Towns' (Austell/Powder Springs)
Leader - Chris Towns
Time - 5:30pm
This group is "Teen Friendly"
Location - Mimi Marr's (Hiram/Dallas)
Leader - Allen Cox
Time - 6:00pm


Location - Messimer's (Dallas/Acworth)
Leader - Danny Messimer
Time - 7:00pm
Location - Chip's (Ridge Rd. Douglasville/Hiram)
Leader - George Lumsden
Time - 7:00pm
Location - Dunkerton's (Powder Springs)
Leader - Will Click
Time - 7:00pm
This group is "Kid Friendly"


Location - Barton's (Hiram/Douglasville)
Leader - Kevin Barton
Time - 6:30pm
This group is "Kid Friendly"
Visit the Twilighter's & Elevate Women's pages to view their small group times and events